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Business in Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan Consultations.

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ATTENTION! We are not an advertising agency in Turkmenistan and have no relation to advertising activities. We only help the Turkmen enterprises and companies of foreign countries in search of partners!

Promo site in Turkmenistan

Creating a website to promote the brand on the market of Turkmenistan.

The present proposal for companies of CIS countries and other states. Read more here

Support the project!

On the payment page are some details (e-bills). We will appreciate all your help. 

Though 1 AZN 1 ruble 1 dollar or 1 euro ....

And further! our help speed will depend on how you will render assistance or not ....

Of course, we will send your request to the partner company Turkmenbiznes, but trace their activity will be difficult without the financial support.

To help us provide you with information about promotional activities, we passed your request to the appropriate authorities (legal and / or audits in Turkmenistan, the company registration issues and / or branch-offices, etc.), please send us an inquiry mail from the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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