Business in Turkmenistan,<bpytc в Туркменистане

Команда "Туркменбизнес" Бизнес и сотрудничество с Туркменистаном


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Advertising in Turkmenistan, cooperation with Turkmenistan

Реклама в Туркменистане, Сотрудничество с Туркменистаном.

Украина и Туркменистан


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Advertising in Turkmenistan.

Advertising services in Turkmenistan. Trading Representation services in Turkmenistan. We shall assist in search of business partners in Turkmenistan.

Advertising in Turkmenistan.

The command of Turkmen Business carries out jobs on advertising the companies and the goods in territory of Neutral Turkmenistan.

Also search of business partners in Turkmenistan. At will of the client, we can be your advertising and sales representatives in Turkmenistan.

To begin with us cooperation, it is necessary to make some steps:

Step the first: you reserve advertising information page on a site, cost (on your choice) - 100 Euros, 130 US dollars or in your currency at the rate of your Central Bank. To reserve page, it is necessary to send by e-mail (in the attached files) the information on your company, all contact information, a trade mark and 2-3 photos.

On your page the link to your site, the form of a feedback (we shall not know at all who exactly will write to you) and, naturally will be established {installed}, we shall publish all your information. For additional 30 Euros or 50 dollars we shall make a special e-mail address (which to you we shall inform) on which you can always add the news or offers, and it will be automatically published on your page! We shall publish the information on you in Russian and English languages.

Payment is better to make through system Western Union (but only in US dollars), it is possible Bank translation{transfer} in Euro or in US dollars (in this case it is necessary to specify correct details of payment which we shall inform you if you want to use this way of payment), it is possible to pay on our electronic purse (here is available the opportunity to pay in 30 currencies of the world, it is natural proceeding from a rate in relation to US dollar).

And more, when the page will be published, we shall make the link to this page in several our other resources.

Step of the second: That we could find for you new partners, clients, buyers in Turkmenistan, it will be necessary for us вши catalogues, fair brochures and other promotional materials. All should be sent it on system EMS. Our agents can distribute not only in Capital of Turkmenistan - city Ashgabat, but also in other regions of Turkmenistan.

On conditions of our cooperation in business of distribution of your promotional materials we shall describe by e-mail in more detail.

Yours faithfully,

We hope, that you will interest to have such Commercial and Trading Agent in Turkmenistan, as Turkmenbusiness Command!

Are always ready to consider {examine} your business offers for Us on the further cooperation!

P.S. We cooperate with Travel agency in Turkmenistan and we can use their services if will be necessary, I include Visa support! And more we cooperate with the Legal company in Turkmenistan.

If the constant representative in Turkmenistan - We at your service will be necessary!

Will agree - not the dearest {expensive} kind of advertising services in Turkmenistan!!!


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Your partner for Business and Advertising in Turkmenistan

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